Copy disc to hard drive

Step 1: Insert the disc
Please note that Movavi Video Suite is not intended to make illegal copies of copyrighted software. Some CDs and DVDs may be copy-protected and cannot be copied or ripped to hard drive.
Step 2: Open the Burn Disc module in Copy Disc mode
Open the Movavi Video Suite launcher application. In the Data tab, select Copy disc to hard drive. The Burn Disc module will open.
Step 3: Set Source and Destination
In the Source list, select your CD/DVD drive If you cannot see the drive in the list, make sure that the CD/DVD you want to rip is inserted into the drive and click the orange refresh icon to its right.
In the Destination list, select Browse folder and specify the location where you want to save the disc files.
Step 4: Start copying
Check that you have enough disc space to copy the disc and click Burn Disc to begin copying disc files to your hard drive.

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