• Quick start guide

Quick start guide

How to edit an image and apply focus

Step 1: Open image
Open Movavi Photo Focus and click Browse for Images to choose the image you want to edit.
Step 2: Rotate image
Use the Rotate tab to rotate the image by 90 degrees or to straighten out the horizon. Having the image in the right orientation will make further editing much easier.
Step 3: Add focus
1. Choose a focus mode on the top panel: Portrait for people and large objects, Nature for landscape photos, Architecture for buildings and tall vertical objects, Macro for very small objects, or Free focus to freely paint the focus.
2. On the image, use the crosshair or brush to mark which parts of the image should appear in focus.
3. Use the sliders to adjust the focused area and the blurred area.
Step 4: Edit the photo dimensions
The Crop tab allows you to cut off the edges of the photo. You can use this to crop the image to the necessary proportions or focus on the photo's subject.
The Resize tab allows you to shrink the image to the necessary size in pixels. This can be useful for making avatars, or uploading images to the web.
Step 5: Export image
When you're done, click the Export button to save your photo!

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