• Record audio only

Record audio only

Recording music or voice with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Besides screen activity, you can just as easily record online music, radio, podcasts, and voice input as standalone audio files.

Step 1: Set up the audio

In the launcher window, click Record screen. On the recording panel, choose which audio sources you want to record from:
Recording system sounds
To record music, online videos, and any other sounds playing on your computer, click the System Audio button.
off              on
Recording microphone audio
To record sound from a microphone or any other recording device connected to your computer, click the Microphone button. If you have more than one recording device, click the arrow above the button and select the device you want to record from.
off            on
Volume levels
Use the sliders to the left of the System Audio and Microphone buttons to adjust the volume of each source.

Step 2: Record the audio

Click REC when you're ready to begin recording.
To end the recording, press F10 or click Stop on the recording panel.

Step 3: Save audio file

When the recording is finished, the capture editor window will appear, where you can play the audio you've recorded.
1. Click Save As to open the exporting options.
2. To save just the audio from your recording, go to the Audio tab and click MP3.
3. Click Save to turn your recording into an audio file.

Troubleshooting audio

If you don't see the device you want to use in the list, it may be disconnected or disabled in system settings.
1. Right-click the sound icon in the Windows notification area and choose Recording Devices from the pop-up menu. The Sound settings window will open.
2. In the Recording Devices window, look for the necessary device in the list. If it is detected and enabled in your system, there should be a green checkmark beside it.
3. If you cannot find the device in the list, right-click anywhere in the list and make sure that the options Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices are selected.
4. If the device is listed as Not Plugged In, try plugging in the device again.
5. If the device is listed as Disabled, right-click the device and choose Enable.

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